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How did you lose your sense of smell?

After a cold, virus or upper respiratory infection.
After an injury to my head.
I lost it following a chronic sinus disease and/or allergies diagnosed by a doctor.
I have no idea how I lost my sense of smell. My doctor can find no reason for it.
I was born without a sense of smell.
I don’t fit into any of these categories.

Do you have CRS (chronic rhinosinusitis)?


Do you sometimes smell things that other people can’t smell, like something burning? People tell you that there is no smell present, yet you are convinced you can smell something.


Can you sometimes recognise some sort of smell, but don’t know what it is? Do you find yourself thinking, "It is hard to understand what I am smelling. Smells are often disgusting or distorted."?


Can you tell the difference between salt water, sugar water, and water with a little white vinegar in it?


It looks like...

You may have PV (post-viral) anosmia.

You may have TBI (traumatic brain injury) anosmia.

You may have CRS (chronic rhinosinusitis).

You may have idiopathic anosmia.

You may have congenital anosmia.

Click here for more information about how you might have lost your sense of smell.

You may have CRSwP (chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps).

You don't have CRSwP( chronic sinusitis with Polyps).

It's possible that you have CRSwP (chronic rhinosinusitis with Polyps).

You may have phantosmia.

You do not have phantosmia.

You may have parosmia.

You do not have parosmia.

Your sense of taste is ok.

You may have a taste disorder.