Donation acceptance policy

At AbScent, we are committed to raising funds to change the story for people living with smell disorders. We are grateful to all of our donors and recognise that it is their generosity that makes our work possible. 

It is our duty to comply with legislation and regulatory bodies, and to make decisions that are in the Charity’s best interests. This policy ensures that we do not compromise on our mission, values or cause reputational damage to the Charity, when it comes to raising income.

The Fundraising Manager ensures that day to day fundraising activity is carried out in compliance with this policy. 

The policy is reviewed regularly by our Board of Trustees and Executive Director.

Our Policy

This policy applies to all types of gifts and donations, including cash, pledges, gifts in kind and other non-monetary gifts. Should our fundraising team identify a donation that requires further investigation or rejection, the Executive Director and Trustees will be notified so that an investigation and decision can be made. 

Donations that AbScent are unable to accept include:

  • Donations we know to be unlawful to accept, for example proceeds of crime

  • Donations that we believe to be made for the purposes of tax evasion

  • Gifts where the donor benefits substantially from making the donation

  • Donations which we have reason to believe would cause reputational damage to the Charity

  • Donations from companies whose activities or products are proven to cause smell disorders or harm the recovery of our beneficiaries

  • Personal gifts to members of staff that do not directly benefit the Charity 

Anonymous donations

Following the advice of the Charity Commission regarding Due Diligence and Know Your Donor, we will make every endeavour to identify the source of donations made to AbScent.

AbScent will respect the wishes of donors who do not wish to have their identity published or made known. 

Wholly anonymous donations of £25,000 or more will be reported to the Charity Commission.