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Keeping our online membership community safe and positive
If you're thinking of joining any of our online communities, please take a moment to read these guidelines

AbScent recognises the value of peer support in helping people to meet the challenges of living with a smell disorder, so we host The AbScent Network and three Facebook groups - Anosmia support, Parosmia and Phantosmia, and Covid-19 smell and taste loss. These groups have been created so that people affected by smell disorders have a safe space to comment freely and share experience with others who understand. Membership is open to anyone with a smell disorder, or their carers

Members must register to use the groups, and registration is free. We are mindful of data protection laws and, to ensure that people can speak freely and ask questions, we ask that you respect the confidential nature of the groups and refrain from discussing the experiences of others outside of the group. 

Collective experience is a recognised source for clinical and social research, and we will invite members to participate in studies from time to time. If you are a researcher or HCP interested in understanding patient experience, please respect the privacy of our group members and instead contact us directly at

Journalists and broadcasters seeking to use patient experience should not make direct or unsolicited approaches to members, but contact us at

Groups may not be used to promote goods or services for commercial purposes or for self-promotion.

We welcome members who use groups in a positive and respectful way. We ask members to:

  • Keep discussion to matters related to smell and taste loss.

  • Be considerate and not use foul or disrespectful language.

  • Share your own experience but don’t endorse or give medical advice. We maintain high standards for scientific rigour and unsubstantiated theories that may endanger public health will be removed.

  • Be supportive, constructive and non-judgemental when responding to posts.

  • Respect the community and don’t spam or promote your personal or external interests.

People who do not use groups in the spirit they are intended may be removed.

For more information, please email