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The Sense of Smell Project (SoSP) is a collaboration between patients with smell disorders and scientists. We are trying to learn more about what it is like to live with this condition and how people's lives change as a result. We are looking for experience clusters that might point the way to a better understanding of smell loss. The aim is to develop healing strategies and better ways to support patients. By putting everyone's stories together, the SoSP can get a clear overview of subjects that have not been considered. Our research initiative with the University of Reading, starting this autumn, is an example of how an observation from the Facebook Forum has lead to important research into parosmia. Help us learn more about your story and put it together with others. We might spot another interesting trend. 

Even better: when you participate in the SoSP, you get free access to the AbScent Membership Area. You can use the SNIF smell training app, check out our tips on food, listen to audio tracks, and more. 

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