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News and Information on COVID-19 and Smell Loss

**AbScent advises that if you experience sudden onset smell loss that you quarantine immediately for a minimum of 7 days.**


We will keeping you posted with pertinent information about COVID-19 and smell loss issues. Please check back frequently for updates.


News Updates

4/4/20 Isolated sudden onset anosmia in COVID-19 infection. A novel syndrome? - Rhinology (preprint)

1/4/20  Sixty seconds on . . . anosmia - British Medical Journal

27/3/20 Advice for patients with new-onset anosmia during COVID-19 pandemic -

25/3/20 Coronavirus may cause loss of smell, or anosmia, but it probably won't be permanent - The Conversation

24/3/20 Loss of smell could reveal hidden virus cases: experts - France 24

24/3/20 Lost Smell and Taste Hint COVID-19 Can Target the Nervous System - The Scientist

23/3/20 Doctors say loss of sense of smell might be Covid-19 Symptom - CNN

23/3/20 Anosmia, Hyposmia and Dysgeusia Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease - American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

22/3/20 Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection - New York Times

20/3/20 Stanford University Medical School report on the dangers COVID-19 transmission through endoscopy

20/3/20 Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection -

20/3/20 There’s An Unexpected Loss Of Smell And Taste In Coronavirus Patients -


AbScent Press Releases

20/03/20 COVID-19 and Smell Loss Update (pdf)

18/03/20 Smell Loss and COVID-19 (pdf)


Helpful Videos

How to Smell Train after Smell Loss from COVID-19 with Chrissi Kelly