Covid-19 smell and taste loss in the news

How smell and taste has been reported through the pandemic

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Losing your taste to Corona virus - BBC The Food Chain - BBC The Food Chain, Chrissi at 18:20


News Updates

22/06/20 Management of New Onset Anosmia in the COVID Pandemic: BRS Consensus Guidelines - BRS ENTUK

09/06/20 Widespread smell testing has limited application as a screening tool for COVID-19 - BRS ENTUK

18/05/20 Coronavirus symptoms: UK adds loss of smell and taste to list - BBC News

18/05/20 Anosmia recognised as a symptom of COVID-19 infection - BRS ENTUK

14/05/20 Coronavirus: Why hasn't the UK listed loss of smell as a symptom of Covid-19? - BBC News

08/05/20 More than just smell - COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis - Chemical Senses (preprint)

22/04/20 Alterations in Smell or Taste in Mildly Symptomatic Outpatients With SARS-CoV-2 Infection - JAMA

14/04/20 What it’s like to suffer from the coronavirus’s weirdest symptom - Washington Post

14/04/20 Coronavirus Ravages the Lungs. It Also Affects the Brain - Wall Street Journal

13/04/20 Olfactory Bulb Magnetic Resonance Imaging in SARS-CoV-2-Induced Anosmia: The First Report - Academic Radiology

13/04/20 Loss of smell and taste validated as COVID-19 symptoms in patients with high recovery rate - Science News

09/04/20 Under our Noses - Harper's

08/04/20 Sudden and Complete Olfactory Loss Function as a Possible Symptom of COVID-19 - JAMA Otolaryngology

04/04/20 Isolated sudden onset anosmia in COVID-19 infection. A novel syndrome? - Rhinology (preprint)

01/04/20 Sixty seconds on . . . anosmia - British Medical Journal

27/03/20 Advice for patients with new-onset anosmia during COVID-19 pandemic -

25/03/20 Coronavirus may cause loss of smell, or anosmia, but it probably won't be permanent - The Conversation

24/03/20 Loss of smell could reveal hidden virus cases: experts - France 24

24/03/20 Lost Smell and Taste Hint COVID-19 Can Target the Nervous System - The Scientist

23/03/20 Doctors say loss of sense of smell might be Covid-19 Symptom - CNN

23/03/20 Anosmia, Hyposmia and Dysgeusia Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease - American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

22/03/20 Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection - New York Times

20/03/20 Stanford University Medical School report on the dangers COVID-19 transmission through endoscopy

20/03/20 Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID-19 infection -

20/03/20 There’s An Unexpected Loss Of Smell And Taste In Coronavirus Patients -