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August 28, 2016

10 Top Tips if you’ve lost your sense of smell after a virus

by Chris Kelly, Founder, AbScent


  1. Try not to panic.  Most post-viral smell loss is temporary, though some cases do last longer.
  2. See a doctor. Seeking medical advice is important at this stage. Because of a lack of awareness of smell loss issues, not every doctor knows a lot about anosmia. You could download and take the discussion sheet with you.
  3. Be a good observer. Take note of what is happening to you. Maybe keep a diary. Try to remember the course of events. Record your medications, whether you were using nasal sprays, and how often. Make observations about the quality of any smells you can perceive. Are they totally absent, distorted, disgusting? Both nostrils or one? Is there a change at different times of day, or in special circumstances?

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