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August 28, 2020

AbScent Presents

Tuesday webinars now available on YouTube

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Introducing AbScent's Free Tuesday Night Webinars

Even the most blazing curiosity can fizzle out in the face of closely-typed text and medical terminology, which is why video is such a popular way of getting up close with the latest research. Every other Tuesday evening, Chrissi Kelly, the founder of AbScent, invites a guest speaker to talk about their area of expertise and take questions from the webinar participants.

From the ground-breaking work of Professor Thomas Hummel to pandemic updates from the President of the British Rhinological Society, the webinars feature the leading minds in olfaction and research into smell disorders. 

Most recently, Professor Jonas Olafsson of the University of Stockholm, talked about his work on smell training, and what is happening in the brain when we smell train. In particular, he took us inside the ‘smell brain’ and the close connection with emotions and value judgments. In Jonas’ opinion, half of what we’re smelling is a matter of our expectations and the brain appears to pre-activate to anticipate a fragrance.

Other talks include Dr Jane K Parker talking about her work in the fascinating field of parosmia at The Flavour Centre at the University of Reading. Before that, ENT Consultant Simon Gane took us on a tour of nasal polyps.

Our next event on Tuesday 1 September 2020 looks at the emotional impact of life without a sense of smell. Our Forum and Facebook groups sometimes make tough reading as people share feelings of despair and desperation. A common theme is that people who smell normally just don't understand, so we’re looking to Professor Barry Smith of the University of London and Professor Ilona Croy for some insight.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the free Zoom session at 8pm UK time any given Tuesday. They are made available on the AbScent YouTube channel within a few days of broadcast so you can catch up at your leisure.


AbScent Presents in September 2020

1 Sept, 8pm. Covid 19 smell loss: how to cope with my feelings? link to join

15 Sept, 8pm. Traumatic Brain injury and smell loss link to join