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November 1, 2017

An Interview with Lauren Rogers, Sensory Science Consultant

by Chris Kelly, Founder, AbScent


Q. Welcome, Lauren. I am always pleased to interview people who have something of interest to say to the readers of my blog and Facebook page. I am particularly interested in sensory science because some of what you do for a living is what we, as recovering smell loss patients, are trying to do to help ourselves.  Could you start out by describing yourself, your career path and your interest in sensory science?

A. I first got into sensory science when I was working on Golden Wonder Cheesy Wotsits many moons ago, as an analytical chemist. Sensory science is fascinating - it's all about working with people to gain information about the sensory aspects of products. There isn't yet a machine that can look at a product, smell it, taste it, describe the texture... and so, as sensory scientists, we use humans, known as sensory panellists, to create the information for us. But it's not just about food - people use sensory science to gain information about cars (that smell of a new car for example, or the sound of the door shutting), hair products (how silky does your hair feel, does that conditioner really make your hair more shiny?), deodorants (does that deodorant really stop body odour?) and many other products. I guess our job is to make products that delight the consumer and sensory science enables us to do just that.

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