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New programme for AbScent members

Introducing The AbScent Network

As demand for support and information has grown so quickly over the last year, AbScent has been looking at ways that we can offer more to our members. We know how important it is to share experience with others like us, we see the power of people working together to overcome problems, and we want to make sure everything members receive is about them and what they need.

So we're very excited to introduce The AbScent Network. It's a new online space, dedicated to AbScent members, that will enable people to connect better, to share thoughts and ideas, and safely try new things to build a better quality of life.

AbScent's founder, Chrissi Kelly explained why this new membership is so exciting. "Facebook has really demonstrated the value of bringing people together to share experience. But it's very noisy and we wanted somewhere to connect members to develop new ideas and strategies for living with smell disorders. The AbScent Network lets us do all this and more." 

One of the new features of the Network will be monthly online training programmes that will guide members week by week through different aspects of life with a smell disorder. Starting with smell training, planned courses include managing parosmia, cooking and eating, and managing anxiety. The Network will share - and participate - in research, but most importantly, will collaborate to find real-world solutions to some common challenges of living with smell loss. 

The Network is free to join and members can easily select and interact with the topics and questions that interest them. "It's a great collaboration", says Chrissi, "The combined wisdom of our shared experience cannot fail to discover new ideas and strategies to build a better quality of life."

Join The AbScent Network today

Save the Date: our online welcome event is Thursday 21 January, 5pm GMT.


January 06, 2021