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Podcast: the impact COVID-19 is having on taste and smell

Professor Barry Smith discusses the impacts of smell loss.

In a recent Food Matters Table Talk Podcast, Professor Barry Smith, the Director of the Centre for the study of the Senses at the University of London, explains the significant impact the loss of taste and smell can have on people's mental and physical health. Food Matters is a company that produces content for the food, nutrition and drink industry and in this episode of the podcast, the host, Stefan Gates and Barry Smith discuss advice and the help that us at AbScent offer. 

They discuss the negative effects on mental health that can be a result of smell loss and how difficult challenges such as no longer enjoying food can be. Barry mentions that some people find the texture of food something to enjoy and focus on!

We hear about taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter & unami) and how this can influence nutrition and for some cause theirs to become distorted if, for example, they are only able to taste highly salty and sweet foods thus eating these more often. 

The podcast ends on a more positive note, offering sufferers advice and making them aware of AbScent and smell training. Barry tells Stefan of Professor Thomas Hummel’s study which involved sudoku vs smell training and in the words of Barry, ‘smell training is better for you than sudoku’, in keeping you cognitively active. 

‘We should all be doing smell training’ - Professor Barry Smith 


The link to the full episode is here: or  tune in on your preferred podcast platform.

January 07, 2021