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An update on PEA-LUT supplements aiding smell loss recovery

In 2022, our founder, Chrissi, spoke to one of the key researchers in Italy, Arianna di Stadio*, who have been working on the hypothesis that taking palmitoylethanolamide and luteolin (PEA-LUT) tablets could make smell training even more effective. Now, in August 2023, Professor di Stadio shares an update.

*Chrissi's original interview can be found here

What is ultra microionised PEA-LUT (umPEA-LUT)?

It is a supplement that contains Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and Lutein (LUT) in an ultramicronized (UM) form that is dissolved under the tongue and is considered to reduce inflammation in the brain.

Why can't I use PEA LUT that I can buy on Amazon? 

Other products that contain PEA only or LUT alone are not the same as umPEA-LUT. Specifically, the ultra micronisation allows the better absorption and metabolisation of the molecules, which can reach the brain directly in this form. PEA-LUT in capsules or in pills is not suitable for this. Opening these capsules and putting the contents under your tongue does not work.

Do I need to smell train while using umPEA-LUT? 

Yes! People who used umPEA-LUT and smell training at the same time had a much better result than those who used umPEA-LUT only. Using umPEA-LUT alone does not achieve the same results.

What is the dosage?

For the first 30 days, take two sachets a day, one morning before breakfast, and one at midday. It is preferable to take the supplement before food. Then continue for another 60 days using only one sachet in the morning. The treatment lasts for 90 days. Therefore the quantity required for a three months treatment period is 120 sachets. This is equivalent to six boxes containing 20 sachets each. You may not wish to buy them all at once. If your improvement is sufficient after a shorter period, you can stop the treatment. 

How should it be taken?

It should be dissolved under the tongue for about ten minutes. Try not to swallow it during this time, as the umPEA-LUT passes the mucous membrane (skin lining the mouth)  into the bloodstream. If you swallow it, it will go to the stomach where it will not be effective.

What if I forget a dose?

If you forget to take it before breakfast, you can have your first dose before lunch and the second in the middle of the afternoon.

How long should I take it for? 

You can take it continuously for three months, and then have a break for three weeks. After that time, you can start again. This therapeutic scheme was designed for patients who developed smell disorders after COVID-19. If after three months you wish to continue treatment, you can extend the treatment for up to six months, having another break after the second three-month treatment.

Are there any contraindications? 

No, but as with all supplements, if you feel unwell at any time, stop the treatment. The elements contained in the supplement are natural; however, luteolin is contra-indicated in people who are under chemotherapy, and you must not take it if you having it.  Patients having chemotherapy can use umPEA (Normast MPS) in place of umPEA-LUT (see link below).

Where can I buy it online?

Please note AbScent does not recommend any particular seller. Please shop around for the best price. If you are buying in a currency different from your own, the exchange rate will be decided by the bank associated with your bank card, not the seller. Ask your bank to explain the international charges–they can be high. To get an idea of what the product costs in your currency, please check Google. Exchange rates vary daily.

Outlets selling umPEA-LUT in Italy

farma cosmo

(NORMAST MPS) for anyone having chemotherapy, in Italy

normast 1000 farmacie

UK Stockist - they will post to the US

Skin Brighton UK

Other sellers may be available. Please shop around!

August 14, 2023