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March 18, 2017

Why is guided smell training better than learning the method by yourself? 

By Chris Kelly, Founder, AbScent 


A couple of things stick out in my mind when I think about my first experiences with smell training, even back before I knew what it really was.  

On the first occasion, I was at my ear, nose and throat (ENT) appointment for my second Sniffin’ Sticks test, nine months after a virus stole my sense of smell. This test consists of over 100 sticks with caps on them. They look a lot like felt tip pens, and the nurse waves them in front of your nose while you wear an eye mask. At the first test, I could not smell anything at all. The second test though was so exciting! I could actually smell something, though nothing was recognisable. I remember thinking, “I want to stay here all day long and be tested by this nurse. I want to sit and smell and smell and smell everything in this lab”. Just the thought of having a go at all those things that I was starting to be able to smell - it felt wonderful. Joyful even. 

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