The smell training technique

Your step-by-step guide to smell training

You will need a smell training kit and somewhere quiet to sit. For best results you should consistently smell train twice a day for a minimum of four months.

The smell training technique

Open a jar and hold it close to your nose. Take quick, gentle 'bunny' sniffs for 20 seconds. Really concentrate on what you are doing - focus your thoughts on what it is you are trying to smell. Be as attentive as you can and really try to 'find' that smell.

Relax, take a few breaths and move on to the next fragrance.

Work through all four fragrances in turn.

Useful insights into smell training

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Buy a smell training kit

For the easy and convenient way to get started, go for a ready-made smell training kit. Your purchase directly supports the work of the charity.

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Snif app

The Snif app guides you through smell training, with timed visual cues. Always online, bookmark it for your daily training.

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Self assessment

It’s helpful to make a note of how your smell is right now. It will give you a baseline to help you track your progress.

Start tracking

You don't have to buy a specially-made kit. It is easy to make your own using any type of fragrant oils. Download instructions:

Make your own smell training kit

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