heart.pngA welcome from the British Rhinological Society and ENT UK

AbScent works with the UK's leading ENT doctors to bring the best advice to patients.

download-2.pngProfessor Claire Hopkins,

President of the British Rhinological Society 


The British Rhinological Society are proud to be partnering with AbScent to help provide support to the many thousands of patients who have lost their sense of smell and taste as a result of COVID-19 infection and other causes. We know that this can have a significant impact on those affected, and that it can sometimes be difficult to access care and support in a timely manner. We hope that these e-learning modules will prove useful to patients, their families and healthcare workers involved in their care.

Claire Hopkins

full width ENT UK.pngProfessor Nirmal Kumar,

President of ENT UK


I am delighted to see these e-learning modules for clinicians managing patients with olfactory dysfunction. We know there are thousands of patients affected with variations of altered smell and taste and this will be a great resource to help improve the quality of life for these patients as they try to get back to normal life in recovery from the pandemic.


Nirmal Kumar