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Everything you need to know

You will need a Smell Training Kit made up of four fragrances. The Original Smell Training Kit is faithful to the studies that demonstrated the value of smell training using the aromas of Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Clove. You can buy the Original Smell Training Kit from the AbScent online shop and all proceeds go straight back to the charity to help others living with smell disorders. Or you can make your own from the instructions in the video on this page.

Is Smell training for me?
Advice from Simon Gane, ENT 

Start where you are:


It is hard to know how far you've come unless you know where you started. Use this handy self-assessment form to record where your smell ability is at the beginning of smell training.

Go back to the self assessment form in a few months to check your progress. Recovery can be slow, and you might not notice things changing. 


Making a Smell Training Kit

Learn to make a kit with Chrissi

How to Smell Train

Chrissi and Simon show you how

What are the Challenges

What to do when you get discouraged


Record your Progress


Your smell training results may be better or worse on any given day so it is best to record your progress every 3 weeks. Download this handy diary or try AbScent's Snif App to help with the routine of smell training and record your results on your mobile device or desktop.