Connecting with others who share your experience really helps.

Our free online communities are there for you, supported by our trained staff and advisers.


The AbScent Network

Our online community offering a safe and welcoming space to meet and interact with others who understand what you're going through. Together, we are working to overcome the challenges of living with smell loss and build a better quality of life.          

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The AbScent Covid-19 Smell and Taste Loss Group

Opened in March 2020 this busy community discusses all things Covid-19 smell and taste loss. Information shared here has helped scientists understand more about the Covid-19 experience. Swap stories, ask questions and be part of our group to be stronger together.                



The AbScent Parosmia and Phantosmia Group

Parosmia affects what you can eat, where you can go and who you can be with. This group looks at the experience of smell distortions and phantom odours. Jump in to pick up tips, celebrate breakthroughs and share information about triggers and safe options.        



The AbScent Covid-19 Smell and Taste Loss Facebook Group

Opened in March, 2020. A busy community discussing all things Covid. It's your place to go to share your thoughts and find answers to all your about Covid-19 and smell/taste loss questions.