Research is the only way we can end smell disorders

AbScent is determined to end the misery of smell disorders. This can only happen through research.

Medical research is making quantum leaps to find cures for cancer, reverse degenerative diseases and cure blindness. But research into the sense of smell lags behind. Scientists don't even fully understand the mechanism by which we smell. And yet it affects around one in 20 people and has a devastating effect on personal safety, and can cause extreme weight changes, loneliness and depression.

To meet our ambition of finding treatments and a cure means funding researchers and clinicians to push the limits of olfactory knowledge. But they can't do this alone. AbScent supports patient involvement in the research process; turning to real-life experience to identify needs, challenges and solutions. As the UK's largest patient organisation for smell disorders, AbScent connects researchers and patients in a 'virtuous circle' of listening and exploration to seek the answers we so urgently need.

Finding treatments and a cure means funding researchers ... to push the limits of olfactory knowledge