PeopleWith Research

Researching patient experience

Use the PeopleWith app to track your symptoms for this ongoing research project


Understanding the patient experience is an important piece of the puzzle for researchers and clinicians investigating smell disorders.

These days research is less about scientists in lab coats, and more about analysing data from real-world patient experience. 

You can help

We want to build a picture of what patients commonly experience. By looking at data from thousands of different people, analysts can start to see patterns that could help make breakthroughs in research.

Using a specially designed app, PeopleWith, this research project invites you to track your symptoms and keep a record of your general health on a daily basis. Your health record on the app is totally personal to you, and can’t be seen by anyone else unless you choose to share it, with your doctor, for example. 

PeopleWith add the information you log in a totally anonymous way to information provided by thousands of other individuals. These data points are available for analysis by the research community. Click here for more information about the app and how your data will be used. 

Helping you

Keeping a record of your health is a great way to see how things have changed. You can chart progress, or keep track of how long a particular symptom is lasting. 

An accurate record of your health 

  • Helps describe to your doctor what’s happening 
  • Helps make informed treatment decisions
  • Tracks the effectiveness of treatments
  • Can help identify undiagnosed conditions
How you can get involved

Download the PeopleWith app from the App Store or GooglePlay and start recording. 

You don’t need to tell us at AbScent, in fact we don’t have any record or way of seeing who is participating. Your data is completely anonymous and will only ever be seen as data points by authorised research professionals.

You don’t need to submit any reports or complete any other information, the app handles it all.

You can start and stop at any time, you are completely in control

Using the app

The app is designed to be friendly and easy to use and will guide you through the set up and use features.

When you set up your details in the app, you will be asked for a Sign Up or Referral Code. Please use the code ABSCENT21. You’re not obliged to use a code and you can skip that stage if you prefer.

You’ll find hundreds of different symptoms on the app, including those common with smell disorders, such as parosmia. 

Each time you experience a symptom, make a note on the app. 

Don’t forget, it’s just as important to record your general health and feeling of wellbeing. Things like headaches and anxiety might not be a symptom of a smell disorder, but understanding how the whole health picture fits together could provide vital clues.

Questions or comments?

Join the conversation in our PeopleWith group on the AbScent Network.


You are the heart of research. Thanks for your support.