Research registration

Register your interest in participating in future research projects.
AbScent puts people with smell disorders in touch with research organisations seeking participants for studies.

Patient participation is essential for learning about smell disorders and how to treat and manage them.

Research might be a short survey, or observations made in a laboratory over time. Each project differs in nature and purpose, and you are never obliged to take part in anything you don't want to.

How it works

Register your details using the form below. Your details will be kept on AbScent's secure database. We will only use your details to contact you about research opportunities and to manage your record on the database (unless you have given your permission for other types of contact elsewhere, eg receiving the newsletter).

You can unsubscribe and ask for your details to be removed at any time by emailing

When we have a request from a research body for patient participants, AbScent will email you with details of the project. We will ask you to decide whether you want to participate in that particular project.

If you respond to say you would like to be involved and give your permission to pass your name and email address to the named research body, we will do that.

All future contact for that project will be directly with the research body - AbScent will not hold any information about your participation, including whether you took part or not. AbScent will not hold any medical information relating to your condition apart from the nature of smell disorder that you register with.

Changed your mind?

No problem. Please email to let us know and we'll remove your details.

Thank you for your support - only research can overcome the misery of living with smell disorders.