Tools for progress

Tools for you

Download these helpful items to assist you with handling your smell loss 


Self Assessment Form - One of the first places to start to understand your current state of smelling. This will help you to establish a baseline of your olfactory abilities.

Make your own Smell Training Kit (English)(Português), (Italiano)(Français) - Smell Training Kits are not difficult to make using this handy PDF. If you prefer to buy a preassembled kit, click here.

How to Smell Train Guide and Diary - Keeping track of your progress will motivate you to continue to train. En Español, Em Português, In ItalianoEn Français

Talking to Your Doctor - This form prompts you with notes for your practitioner on your experience with smell loss.

Clinic List - Where you can go for help.

What to expect when you lose your sense of smell: Covid-19 edition