Online smell training - Individual session


One hour Skype, FaceTime or Facebook online video session to teach you about Smell Training. Ideal for those who have already bought or made a kit. All proceeds from the training session and the smell training kit go staight to the charity, helping more people like you.

Use this online session to help you understand more about your smell loss and smell training. During that hour, we will cover all of the important points about the method, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

You will need a smell training kit for this session. You can make your own, or buy the Original Smell Training kit here.

As well as practising your smell training technique, you will learn about the difference between taste and smell and how smell loss affects flavour. You will also learn the importance of a good self-care regime. 

We will email you to schedule your session. 

Please be aware that this session should not be considered a replacement for medical advice.