Original Smell Training Kit in Jars


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Recommended for beginners

This is the original kit using the four essential oils as described by Professor Thomas Hummel in his original paper written in 2009. Kit contains: 4 x 30ml amber jars each containing an absorbent disc that has had essential oils applied to it. The essential oils are lemon, rose, clove and eucalyptus.

*Please note that the jars are not full of oil*. The essential oils are lemon, rose, clove and eucalyptus. Each kit comes with a replacement set of four absorbent discs which can be used if you wish to refresh the jars at some point in the future using your own oils. Jars should be kept closed tightly when not in use and should be kept out of sunlight. Jars should remain fragrant for at least four months if you follow the above advice.

These jars are more suitable for beginners because they offer the “smelliest” experience. You can put your nose to the open jar and feel confident that you are getting maximum exposure to the essential oil. I would recommend to anyone who is new to smell training to start with the jars.