Original Smell Training Kit


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Original smell training kit of rose, lemon, clove and eucalyptus


This kit is based on the original research done by Professor Thomas Hummel in the original research paper from 2009. Each kit contains four 30 ml amber glass jars containing an absorbent disc that has been saturated with essential oils: lemon, clove, and eucalyptus; rose contains the fragrance PEA (phenyl ethyl alcohol, a molecule that is present in the natural fragrance of roses), and rose essential oil. The rose is the most subtle of the four, and is often the one that people can't smell to start with. 


The absorbent discs all have a slightly different appearance based on what they have absorbed--some will appear dry and almost transparent. This is normal. 


The jars should remain fragrant for a minimum of four months, but probably will last longer than that. To preserve them, keep the lids on between uses and keep the jars away from sunlight and heat sources. Heat especially will make them deteriorate quickly.  Each kit also contains a packet of four replacement discs if you want to replenish your jars at some point. 


The kit comes with full instructions. 


*Please note, the jars are not filled with oil*