Dog Sledding Challenge

Dog Sledding Challenge

A team of loyal huskies leads the way across 200kms of beautiful, snow-covered forests and mountains in Swedish Lapland.

Experience the silence of nature while gliding through this winter wonderland, spotting elk, reindeer and maybe even the spectacular Northern Lights.


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A challenging 7 day adventure in Sweden

  • Drive a team of huskies across almost 200kms of beautiful, frozen landscape
  • Learn to manage and care for the dogs
  • A chance to witness the wonder of the Northern Lights
  • Set up campsites and muck in with the cooking
  • Stay near traditional Sami villages and learn about their culture

The adventure begins in Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city, situated 145kms north of the Arctic Circle. The region is home to the Sami people, who will guide you through their land with their four-legged friends – soon to become your trusted companions.

This challenge is graded as “Challenging”: perfect for participants with an adventurous spirit and an open mind. Ideal as a first strenuous challenge event to push you out of your comfort zone! It is imperative you have a good level of fitness, and a BMI of under 30 (preferably under 25) is suggested for this trip due to the nature of the physical demands. You will be: 

  • Sledding for around 5-7 hours per day
  • Covering almost 200km across 5 days of hiking
  • Using your core strength to control the sled
  • Sleeping in temperatures that can reach -40 celsius
  • Over-nighting in very basic wilderness cabins, where the toilets are outside and you will room together in one room
  • Taking charge of and looking after your own set of dogs. You will see to their needs before yours

Saturday 28 January to Friday February 2023