Squish Therapy Dough: Positive Thinking


Squish Therapy Dough is a fun way to interact with smell.

Created and supplied by Squish Therapy Dough, every purchase makes a donation to AbScent.

AbScent has teamed up with the fabulous people at Squish to offer you a different way to exercise your sense of smell. Combine sniffing with squishing for a multi-sensory experience using these three colourful scented doughs.

Positive Thinking is a set of three new fragrance combos: 

  • Sunburst: perfect for that summer citrus hit. Sunburst is a fun, zesty, orange coloured dough that packs a punch! This dough has been specially created with our unique blend of sweet orange, tangerine and mandarin to give each tin a zing.
  • Rebalance: Rose, Geranium, and Clary Sage essential oils that help to neutralise heightened emotions. 
  • Tranquility: Rosemary, Lemongrass and Spearmint. This dough was created to mirror the effect of breathing in fresh sea air to capture a sense of calm. 

These fun doughs have been created to reduce feelings of anxiety, but we've found them another way to focus on your sensory experience as you 'exercise' your nose.

Shipped directly from Squish Therapy Dough, every purchase makes a donation to AbScent to support our work.

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